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Bring your Pokemon TCG to Gen Con

If you are planning on going to Gen Con in Indianapolis, make sure to pack your Pokemon TCG cards.  Gen Con is one of the largest gaming conventions in the world, combining role playing (d20 and others!), board games, and others like TCG’s.  The event is held annually in Indianapolis Indiana – this year’s event will be from July 20 to August 2nd.

Circle City Gaming is hosting all of the Pokemon TCG and VG events in Hall E.  The costs, in addition to the Gen Con badge ($90 for 4 days, $55 for a day), ranges from $6-$30.  TCG events include Prereleases, Theme Deck Challeges, League Challenges.  Both standard and expanded formats are available.  Also featured is the VG King of the Hill challenges.

If you’ve never been to Gen Con, it is a massive convention of gaming geekiness.  Last year, they had nearly 57,000 people (bigger than Otakon and smaller than Anime Expo [AX]).

The complete schedule of Pokemon events at Gen Con is listed on the Gen Con events page (registration is free to view!).  The original post from Gen Con is listed below.

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