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Champions Crowned at Worlds 2018! #PlayPokemon

Worlds 2018
Battles and more as champions are crowned at Worlds 2018!

The Pokemon World Championships are happening in Nashville, Tennessee this weekend! The tournament started on August 24th with the world’s best players in attendance. It is now Sunday and we have Champions in the TCG, VGC and Pokken!

Below are the crowned champions in each competition and age division.

Trading Card Game

Juniors: Naohito Inoue from Japan
Seniors: Magnus Pedersen from Denmark
Masters: Robin Schulz from Germany

Video Game

Juniors: Wonn Lee from Japan
Seniors: James Evans from United States of America
Masters: Paul Ruiz from Ecuador

Pokken Tournament

Seniors: Kato from Japan
Masters: ThanksAlot from United States

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