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Composer for Pokemon Passed Away

Pokemon First MOvie
A Pokemon music legend has passed away.

Over the weekend, the composer for the score of the first three Pokemon movies has passed away. Ralph Schuckett was part of the team who worked on the score for the dub of the first three Pokemon movies. You could hear his work on Pokemon: The First Movie, Pokemon 200: The Power of One, and Pokemon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown. He is also credit for a few episodes of the Pokemon anime. Lastly, he is credit as one of the writers for “Brother My Brother”, the famous song from Pokemon: The First Movie.

This news was originally broke by Poke Press. Below is the tweet which includes a screenshot of Ralph Schuckett’s sister.

You may have also heard of Ralph Schuckett’s work from other projects he has taken part of. Ralph was a talented keyboardist for the band Utopia and the Monkees. He did a lot of work with 4Kids for shows such as Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Sonic X and Ultraman.

There will be a memorial tonight on YouTube at 7:30 for him. You can click here to watch or watch below.

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