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Contrary Serperior Now Available for Japanese ORAS


For the first time, Unova starters with their Hidden Abilities will be legally available; they are set to be given out to Japanese fans in the coming month. The event to download a Serperior with the Hidden Ability Contrary is now live. If you have a Japanese copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, you can receive the Serperior using the serial code POKEMON497, which was revealed late last year by Pokemon Get☆TV. The code can be redeemed from today, January 9th, until November 30th.

While no details have been released on this distribution outside Japan, you can be sure that Japanese players will be breeding and distributing these Pokemon. Keep an eye on the GTS and WonderTrade in the coming days, and if you get one, don’t forget to breed a few and send them on to other fans!

The ability Contrary causes stat changes to have an opposite effect, meaning that upon using Leaf Storm, a Contrary Serperior would sharply increase its Special Attack, rather than decrease it.

Events for a Reckless Emboar and Shell Armour Samurott will also be going live later this month.

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