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Countdown to X and Y: Day 29


In celebration for the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Pokemon Crossroads is going to be producing articles based on the new games. Each day we will publish an article based on the new generation, so without further or do let’s continue.

Day 29 and we now take a look at some of the speculation articles based on the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games. This article is from RoaringEcho, on DevianArt. Below is a short extract of the article, however if you want to read more about it, click the link at the bottom of the extract.


I really only have one big theory I want you guys to think about right now…

By now, most of you have already seen the demo footage from the Pokemon Game Show, correct? If not, I’ll explain. In the demo, you start off with Alexa telling you some things and encountering a wild Pikachu (which now uses its actual voice from the anime, and no longer a digital cry). Then, you get to ride a Skiddo around a fountain. After that, you get to battle a few of the rivals. Finally, Prof. Sycamore appears and gives you a Mewtwo with it’s Mega Stone, in which you battle him with it. Remember that this is just a demo, and in game, Sycamore won’t actually give you a Mewtwo. 
But, I noticed an odd trend with Prof. Sycamore… In the demo, when you battle him, he has three Pokemon; Crobat, Chandelure, and Dragonite. I found this a rather odd choice of Pokemon for a Team, even though he literally gives you a Mewtwo (which knows moves that will surely beat his team). Still, I thought it was worth looking into, and a theory has popped up in my head.
Prof. Sycamore has brought up a lot of theories due to his strange appearance in comparison to the other Pokemon Professors (not counting Ivy). Oak, along with Rowan, are older professors who are very experienced in what they do. Elm and Juniper are quite young and appear to be around the same age, but still have experience with Pokemon. Birch is younger than Oak and Rowan, but appears to be a little older than Elm or Juniper considering the fact his kid is the same age as the player of Hoenn. Sycamore appears to be within the same category as Birch; he’s young enough to have colored hair still (lol), but appears older than Juniper or Elm.
Link to Article: [u]Here[/u]


That’s it from today but we’ll be back tomorrow, as we’ll slowly be counting down the days ’till Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

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