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It is a Critical Anniversary for Critical Ditto!

Critical Ditto
What happens when you add improv to your tabletop game?

You get Critical Ditto! A tabletop podcast that will make you laugh and cry and wonder what is going on! And as of June 19th, they have been on the podcast airwaves for one year with their crazy brand of tabletop!

It was in June 2019 that Stew, Ali, David and Tom decided that they wanted to put their tabletop game on a podcast. This wasn’t their first time doing a tabletop but they were known for doing it in a unique way. They added Pokemon into the mix and that is how you get Critical Ditto!

Critical Ditto is an amazing tabletop podcast to listen to. Brandi, Kenny and Theo are maybe the last group of characters you want to travel together but they do and crazy things happen to them. Is it thanks to roll of the dice? Maybe. Is it because these guys keep on suggesting and doing crazy things? You bet. Just when you think you know what is going happen, Stew throws something out of left field comes and not just hit you but these characters. Sometimes literally. From giant Octillery to battles in a mindscape with a Toucannon and Scolipede to Rock “The Dwayne” Johnson. If none of these things makes sense then you will need to listen to Critical Ditto and see how they all tie together.

Now, if you have been listening to Critical Ditto for the last year then you know exactly what I am talking about. You also know that all of these moments have their own sense of humor to go along with them.

Either way, we got together with the crew at Critical Ditto and asked them to pick their top episodes from their first year on the podcast airwaves. All of these episodes are the essence of the Critical Ditto podcast. Perfect for first time listeners and long time fans.

Episode 1: Rain Dance #1
We chose this one for obvious reasons. It’s the start of the journey. For anyone new wanting to start the podcast, start here. It introduces the core trio of characters and really sets up how we like to improvise with each other.

BONUS: How Do You Solve A Problem Like A Promo
This is a bit of a left field choice. It is a bonus episode about how we came to record the promo for the podcast. This episode is for people who perhaps just want to get a sense of who we are and our humour.

Episode 12: Frenzy Plant #6
A lot of stuff happens in this episode. So much so that we couldn’t leave it out of this list. Listen to us struggle to get to grips with the number of characters we have created!

Episode 18: Foul Play #4
The finale of this particular arc and of season 1 as a whole. It’s again, packed full of action.

Episode 23: Payback #4
We wanted to choose an episode from out most recent arc and this is the one we went for. We could have chosen any from the Payback arc but this one is the one we had the most fun recording.

Happy one year anniversary to the Critical Ditto podcast and their gang of tabletop adventurers! Make sure to wish these guys a happy belated anniversary on Twitter at CriticalDitto. Happy belated anniversary to Stew, Ali, David and Tom! Time to raise drink with a lemon lime twist to another year of amazing tabletop fun!

Below is a message from the Critical Ditto Crew for their one year anniversary!

Ongoing Conversation