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Crossroads Comics #126-Shaymin Café

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re going to look at the ask blog The Shaymin Café. A member of our Crossroads Comics lineup, it’s one of the projects that I author. I know typically I try to focus on other people’s stuff, but I felt like after 125 issues of this column, I’m allowed to be a little self indulgent once in a while. And if you disagree then take it up with our complaints department, haha.

Shaymin Café is an ask blog that centers around four Shaymin: Rosemary, Chicory, Shiso, and Pumpkin. They run a Pokémon Café and serve up a variety of dishes for customers to choose from. This includes dishes you see in the game, Pokémon Café Mix, as well as dishes of my own design, like Shaymin Shortcake! All in all it’s just a fun little blog meant to follow the adventures of a cast of Shaymin as they try to achieve their goals of making as many happy customers as possible! They also do take out orders, visiting other blogs and attending events like the current Pokéfoxfestival! This event also introduced the first of the non-waitstaff cast, Vetle. More regulars and other cast members are set to appear in the future as well, so you can look forward to this ever growing cast of Shaymin goodness!

If you’d like to read the story thus far, you can read Shaymin Café on Tumblr, ComicFury, Deviantart, and Pokémon Crossroads! You can also support me, the author, on Patreon and Ko-Fi! And if you’re interested in seeing more of my art, consider following me on Instagram or Twitter.

So without further ado, let’s check out the rest of this week’s comic lineup!!

Crossroads Comics

PMD: Lotus Yeet!!
Pokémon X Adventures Uh oh! That’s not tasty!
Renegade’s Redemption Don’t count your Phoenixes before they hatch.
Shinka: The Last Eevee Creepy carvings are creepy.
The Shaymin Café Time for a winter celebration!

ComicFury Comics

Hypoxia || A Pokemon SS Nuzlocke Looks like they’ve got a plan.
PMD: Gleaming Hearts Seems like they’re nearly there.
Slumber Town Yeesh these anxieties are too much.
Team Barkin Hey you gotta do what you gotta do.
The Caretaker Oof that’s not pretty.
The Emergency Coven Wonder how they’ll try to fix this situation.
The Power of Pouvoir Counter attack!

Deviantart Comics

Children of the Sky Oh geez that poor Slowking.
EleMen and Women Makes sense makes sense.
Fallen Flowers Interesting worldbuilding!
Gentle Giants I wonder what she has planned.
Golden Sun Wonder which Pokémon it is.
PMD: Turncoats Seems Mew knows more about this.
Tame Oh hello there River~
Trick of the Night Oh no poor baby

Off-site Comics

Almost Empty Oh no!! I hope he’s okay.
Ask Indeedee Precious bean has arrived at the fox festival.
Ask the Candy Devil Winter party time!
Daily Mewtwos Poor Ditto does not deserve this.
El’s Alolan Adventure Wonder what Gladion’s up to.
Gameover Gardevoir Festival time means no sad!
Steven AUniverse: Ask WhitePearl and Steven Well this can’t be good.

Ongoing Conversation