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Crossroads Comics #159 – Daily Meowth

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at the blog, Daily Meowth. This is a bit different from our usual content but with Art Fight wrapping up and me being sick, I figure I can shake things up a bit and do an easier entry this week. Hopefully y’all won’t mind because this blog is super cute!! Daily Meowth is pretty much what it says in the name. It is a blog that posts pretty much daily and does different drawings focused on Meowth! This does include all three main variants of Meowth from Kanto, Alola, and Galar, though their designs are unique indicating that these are probably OC designs of the creator, Milladraws. While we don’t know for sure, there’s no debating that these cats are very cute.

Now you might be wondering, what is a daily blog and how is it different from an ask blog? Well a daily blog is inherently a blog that posts around daily featuring their content of choice. In this case, that’s Meowth! There’s a lot of overlap with daily blogs and ask blogs, with notable examples of blogs that function as both being Land-Shaymin and Daily Ashleigh Raichu. Daily blogs also don’t have to post daily, in fact the ones that function as ask blogs often don’t, but the title simply means a blog that posts doodles and asks rather than just exclusively asks. Peachy Gulpin is another good example of that. Daily Meowth doesn’t usually field any asks and posts exclusively doodles, but it’s quite the set of quality content that you sometimes need on a stressful day. I’ll post some of my favorites down below.

So if you want to check out Daily Meowth, you can find it on Tumblr. You can also support the creator, Milladraws, by following them on Tumblr or sending them a tip on Ko-Fi.

And without further ado let’s check out the rest of this week’s lineup!

Crossroads Comics
Land-Shaymin Agender pride yay!
PMD: Chanterelle It’s so pretty outside!
PMD: Crossroads Can’t waste time on an empty stomach!
PMD: Explorers of Life Oh great they’re posing/
PMD: Sky High Curious curiouser.
PMD: Wildfire And that’s the end of chapter 1!

ComicFury Comics
Acheron Nuzlocke I am loving these character designs.
A Fateful Nuzlocke A picture is worth a thousand words.
Chimeran Legends And we’re off!
Mahiwaga Here’s trouble!
PMD: Boundless Adventures Dungeons can be stressful.
Slumbertown Well this is quite the turn of events.
The Essence of Being Time to track a Mewtwo!
The Long Way He’s not feeling the hat.
Undine Adventurer Time to get some practice in!

Deviantart Comics
Across the Divide Let’s do this!
Autumn in Sinnoh Oh no…
Fallen Flowers The most adorable pirates you’ve ever seen.
Hypoxia Quite the sassy cat!
PMD: Keepers of Light Hopefully they can figure this out.
PMD: Team Rowanberry Oh no… Myra…
Sunlocke I wonder what that Nihilego means.
Trick of the Night She’s trying her best to convey.

Off-site Comics
Asking Anorith Ah! Oh no! Spit it out!
Ask Neon Tiger Reunited for now, but things are still tense.
Ask Team Spirit Reunions are so sweet.
Mundane Madness Gotta be careful of those switchblades.
Occasional Lucario It’s time to fight for your life!
Peachy Gulpin Oh! A chef!
Psychic Duo Communication is good.
Poke-Monoke Whoa whoa!! Wait!!

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