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Crossroads Comics #161 – Ask-WillowLeafeon

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at the ask blog Ask-Willow Leafeon by Pando. This ask blog follows a Leafeon by the name of Willow who lives in and tends to a large library. This blog is a more casual style slice-of-life story at the moment that never fails to make me smile with how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel. Willow is just a genuinely pleasant character with an adorable willow tree inspired design and a chief representative in terms of physical disabilities within the ask blog community. While it’s not uncommon to see LGBT+ or neurodivergency representation in the community, actual physical disabilities are not as common, with Willow being the first character to come to mind when I try to think of examples. It’s a nice bit of positive representation that also lends itself to making Willow’s design and overall character more unique.

Spoilers Ahead

So what makes this blog worth reading? Well, as previously mentioned, it’s a more slice-of-life style story, with most asks involving Willow recommending books or discussing about the library. It’s a warm and fuzzy type blog that people who have always wanted to live in a library will definitely enjoy. Pando knows how to make it interesting though, with Willow’s backstory and her parents adding a bit of spice to the story. Willow mentions early on that her parents are explorers and that they found this library during their past travels. Willow also seems to imply that the books were already there when they found it, meaning that the library must’ve been in pretty decent shape. These little bits of information have made me ever more curious about Willow’s parents as well as the library itself. Why was it abandoned? What sorts of secrets does it hold? Things like that. It seems like a rather ornate location especially with the layout of the garden area, so I can only assume there’s some rich history behind the library, and I hope to learn more about it as time goes on.

Spoilers End

But I didn’t bring up this blog just because of how interesting I find it or how pleasant it is to look at. On top of being just an overall wholesome blog that’s enjoyable to read, Ask-Willow Leafeon is also currently hosting an event, the Poke Ask Sleepover! For the month of March, Willow is hosting a sleepover at her library where different blogs are able to participate in various activities such as making s’mores, stargazing, reading books, and more! Willow’s parents have also made their debut during this event and are open for asks, allowing us the opportunity to ask them about their adventures.

The event has been going on for a little over a week now, with its first special activity having started on the 8th. This event fits right in with Willow’s interests since it allows for various mods in the community (both those participating in the event and not) to submit constellations to the blog to be included on a large star map! Willow has previous mentioned that she is very interested in astronomy so it is very in-character for her to host an activity like this. Plus, as an extra treat, those that were attentive may have noticed that the activity is stated to happen on the night of the new moon and actually started at the same time as a new moon in the real world. It’s a small detail but it really brings some extra wholesomeness to the whole thing. There’s set to be three more activities throughout the event, with the next one slated for tomorrow (August 11), so for those interested, be sure to keep an eye out since it’s possible you’ll get to participate even if you don’t have an ask blog!

You can find Ask-Willow Leafeon on Tumblr alongside Pando’s other blog, Ask Olly and Azure. You can also check out the PokeAskSleepover Event on its own blog for content from all the creators participating in the event. You can also find Pando on Twitter where you can find some cool art and some livestreams if you are interested.

And without further ado, let’s check out the rest of this week’s lineup!

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Deviantart Comics
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PMD: Keepers of Light Not sure this is the best idea.
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Trick of the Night Acceptance is important.
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Off-site Comics
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Ask-Neon Tiger Aww what a cute plush!
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Za-cian–Adventures A smore for the good boy!

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