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Crossroads Comics #178 – Flora Ball 2022

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking you to the ball, the Flora Ball!! This week marks the start of new ask blog event that you can check out over on Tumblr. A coordinated effort between the mods of Sometimes Its Family and Val and Val PokéEvents, this event is meant to be a semi-Valentine’s themed celebration that started on February 7 and will last through March 6. It’s a masquerade ball, so everyone in attendance will be wearing masks, dressed up nicely, and having a great time partying. From watching fireworks to exchanging flowers, it’s a great time to be had by all. Many blogs have already started introducing their characters into the events and even started interacting, with a sampling of some of the posts in our gallery down below, so be sure to check it out!

And without further ado, let’s check out the rest of this week’s lineup!

Crossroads Comics
Ask a Staravia Introductions are in order!
PMD: Chanterelle Poor Thai seems to be struggling a bit.
PMD: Explorers of Life That… could’ve gone better.
Rejuvenation: The Interceptor Journey What a cute Buizel!!
PMD: Wildfire Well that’s certainly a problem.
Pokémon X Adventures Shiny disc is shiny!
Shinka: The Last Eevee Looks like Nick is having some very reasonable confusion.
The Shaymin Café New faces! Who might these be?

ComicFury Comics
Across the Divide What a cute name! I like it!
Chasing Leaves Never!!
Devil Waltz Hrrrm don’t like that.
Eclipsed – Ultra Sun Nuzlocke That Wingull looks so happy to have a delicious malasada!
Moonblast A reluctant protector is better than none.
PMD: A Fractured Time Hey kid’s presentations can be inspirational too.
PMD: On Borrowed Time Ooh lore time!!
PMD: The Human Connection Maybe don’t harass the panicking individual?
Synastry That’s a big ship!
Timetale Someone’s getting angry.

Deviantart Comics
A Knight’s Gale God, I love this comic’s design so much.
Cain and Mabel That’s an intimidating Houndoom!
Deadly Syns No longer baby wants power!!
Dear Sergio Let’s do this!!
PMD: Explorers of Shadows Don’t put that pressure on yourself.
PMD: Team Comet Aww don’t talk yourself down, Ray.
Sunlocke Well that definitely didn’t make it happy.
Trick of the Night Noooo!! You can’t forget the spoon!
What the Water Gave Me It’s time for the Gym Battle!
When Little Emma Ran Away LMAO well that’s unfortunate. Maybe the Buneary will be useful?

Off-site Comics
Ask Castelia Bounce Hmm tough looking Toxicroak ain’t he?
Ask Corrosion Crew Someone doesn’t know a lot about Vulpixes.
Ask Team Spirit Nothing like riding in on a Lugia to arrive with style!
Ask Knowledge Keepers What an adorable little costume!!
Darling Zorua Look at all these fashionable people!
Dawdling Dewgong Nothing wrong with wanting to learn a bit more about humans, I say.
Faint Amnesia Seems someone is very reasonably confused at the current circumstances.
Sometimes Team Possibility Look at these cool costumes!!
TC-96 Birthday time!!
Team Pursuit Oh no!! No one deserves to be ditched!

Ongoing Conversation