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Date an Eevee!

Date with Eeve
Ever wanted to date an Eevee. Then that dream may be coming true!

Pokemon in Japan has recently launched Project Eevee. The purpose of this special project is to introduce Pokemon’s new Eevee mascot to the public.

You may have seen pictures of the new Eevee mascot circulating around on Twitter. Some of these images features Eevee running around the Pokemon Company of Japan offices or simply enjoy various things. Below are a few tweets from the Project Eevee Twitter account.

You can see that Eevee is having a great time at the park and enjoying his first few days at work. Though, how do you get the chance to date Eevee?

All you need to do is follow the Project Eevee Twitter account. Next, you need to retweet a “dating scene” that you would like to enjoy with Eevee.

Fifty winners will be chosen at random to win a Eevee’s Tail Cushion from Pokemon Center Japan. Though, one lucky person out of that fifty will get the chance to meet Eevee in person! Eevee will personally deliver the Eevee’s Tail Cushion to that person’s home. This lucky winner will be the first person that Eevee gets to meet outside of the Pokemon Company.

You have until January 31st to take part in this contest. Also, you will need to be in Japan to take part in this once in a life time opportunity to date Eevee.

Source: Nintendo Soup

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