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A Drive to Investigate! Genesect Special Research!

Do you have the drive to find Genesect?

March’s mystery event has been revealed to be one focus upon Genesect. There will be plenty of things to do during this event. Includinga new Special Research that will give players the chance to catch Genesect! All of this will start on Friday, March 20th at 8AM.

Genesect Themed Weekend Event

Starting on Friday, March 20th 8:00AM to Monday, March 23rd at 10:00PM local time, you will find plenty of bonuses and features revolving around Genesect. That means plenty of Bug and Steel type to represent Genesect typing. Meanwhile, you can find Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, and Ice type Pokemon to represent Genesect’s Drives.

Below are the full details.

  • Normal-, Fire-, Water-, Electric-, and Ice-type Pokémon will be appearing more often in the wild. You might see Pokémon such as Jigglypuff, Magnemite, Marill, Houndour, and Snorunt appearing more frequently in the wild.
  • Nincada will be appearing in the wild and hatching from 5 km Eggs. If you’re lucky, you might encounter or hatch a Shiny one!
  • Karrablast and Shelmet will be hatching more often from 5 km Eggs.
  • One-star to four-star Raid Battles will feature various Bug- or Steel-type Pokémon.

And below are the bonuses for this event.

  • 2× Catch Stardust
  • 2× Hatch Stardust

A Drive to Investigate

Genesect items
A new special research will be introduce in Pokmeon GO that will allow players to catch Genesect. This special research has Professor Willow investing damage cause but a single Pokemon. The kicker is that the damage has been caused by various types of attacks.

This event will be a Ticketed Event where players can play no matter where they are. Players may recognize this to be similar to the Regigigas Event in November. There have been a few changes made to help ensure that as many people as possible can take part in the event. One of those changes included extending the time to complete the event. Another is making the tasks easy to accomplish as an individual. Though, this could be due to the recent outbreak.

Below is a list of features that the ticket will give players.

  • A new Special Research line featuring an early-access encounter with a Genesect—this is Genesect’s first appearance in Pokémon GO!
  • A Drive to Investigate medal
  • Research objectives that lead to encounters with various Bug- and Steel-type Pokémon, including Pinsir, Scizor, Skarmory, Karrablast, and Shelmet, as well as other Pokémon that appear in the story or are related to Genesect
  • Research objectives that lead to an encounter with Durant, which is typically available only in the eastern hemisphere
  • Exclusive Genesect-themed avatar items, such as a bag and a cap
  • 5 Premium Battle Passes, 3 Super Incubators, 3 Charged TMs, 3 Fast TMs, 3 Incense, 3 Star Pieces, 1 Poffin, 15 Rare Candies, and 1 Glacial Lure
  • Encounters with Scyther, Skarmory, Nincada, and Shieldon after completing exclusive Field Research tasks

Ticket details can be seen below.

  • To receive the A Drive to Investigate Special Research, you must open Pokémon GO during the event from Friday, March 20, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. to Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 10:00 p.m. in your local time zone. After you’ve collected the Special Research, you can complete it at any time.
  • The ticket is US$7.99 (or the equivalent in your local currency) and can be purchased in the shop. The ticket cannot be purchased with PokéCoins.
  • Tickets can be purchased from when they go live until Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 8:00 p.m. in your local time zone. Stay tuned for when they go live!
  • The ticket to this Special Research story event is nonrefundable. (Subject to applicable law and the exceptions set forth in the Terms of Service.)

Please note that this event will give players an early access to capture Genesect. If you do not take part in this event then you will be given the chance to capture Genesect in EX Raids starting in April.

Best of luck in tracking down Genesect!

Source: Pokemon GO

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