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European National Championships to be Streamed!

EURO Nationals
Pokemon trainers in Europe and around the world! Get ready for some intense battles! The European National Championships are coming and for the first time ever they will be streamed!

The European National Championships will start this Saturday in England but it has recently been announced that the UK, Germany & Italy Pokemon Nationals will be streamed online for all to view. There has been no details where the streams will take place but if this is anything like the US tournament streaming then most likely will be hosted on Twitch.

There will be three streams from UK, Germany & Italy Nationals. One for TCG, VGC and Pokken Tournament.

Below are the dates and locations for each European Nationals.


UK National Championships14-15 MayExhibition Centre Liverpool
Germany National Championships21-22 MayKongress Palais Kassel
Italy National Championships11-12 JuneMediolanum Forum


Also announced was a special distribution to be taken place at each European Nationals. Those who attend can download a Shiny Machamp based on Senior World Champion Mark Mcquillan from Great Britain! This Machamp help led Mark and his team to the finals where it gave viewers an explosive battle.

This is the first time that a European Pokemon Tournament has been officially streamed by Pokemon. It will be amazing to see what amazing combos and strategies will be implemented by European players in the TCG and VGC. Make sure to tune in!

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