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Fantastic Fan Art: Our Picks

On this edition of FFA we are examining a few picks from our very own forum and site writing staff. We do hope you enjoy. As always feel free to comment or provide feedback here or message Braixen on the forum. Thanks to our contributors Pokemon Trainer Sarah and MC Elesa!

2015 is the year of the Sheep so lets get all our favorite sheep-based Pokemon and throw them a party! This piece by 霧東 涼 features all our favorite sheep Pokemon celebrating the new year. The coming of 2015 really brought the rise of Mareep and friends in art as everybody is excited to draw these little guys. Even Whimsicott gets to have some fun!

This piece by ハスノ from Pixiv features Erika wearing something that is slightly out of her normal. Instead of wearing her trademark yellow kimono, Erika has decided to wear a festive kimono with a beautiful floral pattern. One that is perfect for the type of Pokemon that she loves to raise. You can see many types of flowers all over her kimono. The style is perfect for a lady that is always so beautiful.


An intense battle scene by one of my fave artists (Sa-Dui) to watch at the moment! I love the soft colouring. Both Pokemon look confident about winning but there can only be one champion! Who will it be?!

Here we have an interpretation of a realistic Rhydon. The detail in this piece is really impressive, from the texture of Rhydon’s battle worn armour to the grass at its feet. This Pokemon is not one I’d want to run into in the middle of a forest, that’s for sure! Art by: KrizEvil.

Here is a lovely commision by one of my favourite artists, eldridge. Love is in the air! Other than the subjects being absolutely perfect we get to learn a bit more about them via the background items (images, food, etc) and also get to appreciate eldrige’s style through the meticulously drawn background full of textures, shadows, highlights and designs. The cool light in this image is perfect.


Lastly we have this awesome image done by mark331 from dA. The best description of this image is epic! We’ve got lots of exciting packed into one piece of art. From the expression on the trainers face to his Pokémon’s stance as they anticipate battle with this beautifully drawn legendary. I wonder if he caught it!

Do you agree with our picks? I know I sure found some new artists to follow!

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