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The Final 1 PokeCoin Bundle for Pokemon GO

Final PokeBall Bundle
It is the final bundle!

Pokemon GO has release another Pokeball Bundle but also an announcement regarding future Pokeball Bundles.

The 1 PokeCoin Bundle for this week features more supplies to ensure that players are able to play from home. This bundle has the following items in it.

  • Remote Raid Pass × 1
  • Poké Balls × 20
  • Great Balls × 10
  • Ultra Balls × 5

You have until Monday, May 18th at 1PM to claim this bundle.

Though, it was also announced that this week’s bundle will be the final 1 PokeCoin Bundle to be offered at the moment. Pokemon GO has stated that changes have been made to ensure that you will be able to get needed items easily. Below are the changes that have been made.

  • Buddies can now bring you Gifts from PokéStops! Send Gifts to friends, and receive Gifts in return that you can open to receive items like Poké Balls, Berries, and more.
  • Gifts are currently rewarding more Poké Balls.
  • You can get a daily bonus Field Research task without having to spin a PokéStop, which you can complete to earn items.
  • The distance from which you can spin a PokéStop has been temporarily doubled.

Do you think these changes have been effective? Either way, best of luck in catching!

Source: Pokemon GO

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