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Generation 2 Sitting Cuties Coming to Japan!

Gen2 Sitting Cuties
Do you need your favorite Generation 2 Pokemon sitting on your desk?

Then get ready! Japan will soon release another wave of the Pokemon Fit plush line. This time it will be all your favorite Pokemon from Johto. That is, all one hundred Pokemon and one plus all twenty-eight Unown from Generation 2.

The Pokemon Fit plush line made waves early 2018. That is because this line promise to make a plush of all one hundred fifty Pokemon from Generation 1. From Bulbasaur to Mew! All Pokemon from Generation 1 were made into a plush.

This line was special because Pokemon like Gloom and Graveler could finally be appreciated for the first time as a plush. The Pokemon Fit plush line was eventually brought over to the US Pokemon Center website as the Sitting Cuties line. Now, this line will expand to feature all of the Pokemon introduced in Generation 2.

The Johto Pokemon Fit expansion will be release on June 8th in Japan. There is no word when this line will be released in America. Most likely it will be under the Sitting Cutie collection. Though, there are going to be plenty of fan favorite Pokemon who will finally be made into a plush.

Below are some fan reactions to this news and some of their favorite Johto Pokemon that they want to own as a plush.

Like we mention before, finally somebody’s favorite Pokemon is being featured as a plush. In this case it looks as Eli’s favorite Pokemon is Larvitar. Eli even has a name for his future Larvitar plush and everything! Here is to hoping that Eli and Larvy-warvy will be united soon!

I hope you won’t get death.

I may have some bad memories of Porygon2 from my recent Draft League run but I have to admit. I would love to see Porygon2 being featured next to somebody’s 3DS at future VGC tournaments. That way they can pet their little digital duck as they stall their opponent to death.

Every Pokemon has a fan. And this must be Croconaw’s biggest fan. Pokemon! Lets give this person’s Croconaw!

A picture says a thousands words! And this picture says that I want Lanturn and Chinchou! That should be obvious because Cicabe even has a nice Lanturn wearing a relaxing bathrobe. Wouldn’t it be cool if this plush could wear a bathrobe too?

We did talk to Ryan a bit more and it turns out that Totodile is his favorite Pokemon. Meanwhile, Phanpy became his favorite during the Battle Frontier season of the Pokemon anime.

There are a few Totodile plushes but not many Phanpy ones. I would be excited to haev a Phanpy plush too if it brought back awesome memories of Ash’s Phanpy being cute and tough.

We got plenty of excited Pokemon fans who are eager for their favorite Generation 2 Pokemon to be made in plush form. Personally I am excited to get my hands on Furret, Wooper and Ampharos. Especially Furret! I could use another Furret plush to join my family of Furret.

Keep your eyes out for when these wonderful Generation 2 Pokemon are released in Japan on June 8th. And hopefully soon on the US Pokemon Center website!

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