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GO Celebrates Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

Legends Arceus GO
The Legends are out and time for you to GO!

Surely many Pokemon trainers are out discovering the region of Hisui thanks to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Well, Pokemon GO doesn’t want to be out of the fun! That is why they are celebrating in their own special way. With new avatar items and Pokemon!

New Avatar Items based on Hisui!

Brand new avatar based on the player character from Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been put in Pokemon GO. You too can dress as the new characters from Legends: Arceus. This includes a new hat, shoes and outfit.

Make sure to try them out so you too can feel as if you are exploring the land of Hisui.

Have a Ball with Hisuian Voltorb!

Hisuian Voltorb
The Rocket Takeover during the Power Plant event was all a distraction! Team GO Rocket may have ran off with whatever was behind the massive doors but they left behind a certain Pokemon. That certain Pokemon appears to be Hisuian Voltorb.

You will be able to find Hisuian Voltorb in the wild during the reminder of the Power Plant event and during the Lunar New Year event. At the moment, Hisuian Voltorb can not evolve. You will need to wait for Professor Willow to do a bit more research to unlock the key to Hisuian Voltorb’s evolution.

Have fun playing Legends: Arceus and GO out to catch’em all in GO!

Source: Pokemon GO Blog

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