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Katy Perry! Electric Single Now Out! #Pokemon25

Katy Perry
Like can be Electric!

Electric is now out! Katy Perry’s collaboration with Pokemon can now be listen to on YouTube and your streaming platform of choice! One of the songs part of Pokemon’s P25 music project is now out.

Electric is one of the songs that will be part of the Pokemon 25’s anniversary music playlist. As part of this song’s release, a music video with Katy Perry and Pikachu was shown as well.

This music video features Katy Perry and Pikachu looking back at the start of her career. These reflection features a Pichu who has been along side encouraging Katy Perry. It is a cute little video that features some nice scenes of Pikachu and Pichu with Katy Perry.

This music video hints at Katy Perry’s beginnings of playing at farmer’s markets. Meanwhile, it hits Pokemon’s ideals that anything is possible with Pokemon at your side.

You can watch the music video for Electric below.

Electric can be purchase on iTunes and listen on various music platforms.

UPDATE: Merchandise for Katy Perry’s Electric can be found on the p25 Music Store site. You can visit the site by clicking here.
Electric merch

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