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Mew Available via Serial Code Now


The Mew distribution event has begun for many parts of the world, beginning a series of Mythical Pokémon giveaways every month until the end of the year in celebration of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary. This is the first legitimate opportunity to receive a blue pentagon Mew! Here is where you can get your Mew Serial Code, according to Serebii:

United States- GameStop until February 24th
Canada- EBGames until February 24th
United Kingdom- GAME until February 28th
Australia- EBGames until February 24th
Belgium/Netherlands- GameMania until February 24th
Italy- GameStop until February 24th
Spain- GAME until February 24th
Portugal- Nintendo Zone at FNAC

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway will have the Mew event from February 22nd through April 30th at Toys ‘R’ Us and BR stores.

You can watch the video below for more details about the Mew distribution event and other Mew related products that will be available for purchase this month!

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