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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep3 27MAY-03JUN2017



Because it wouldn’t be a real Saturday without funky Pokémon art and sassy reviews!

It’s Saturday, it’s June, it’s essentially summer (I don’t care if it’s the 21st where it becomes official, who decides these things anyway!?), so let’s poke our noses and snouts into what was Poké-popular on DeviantArt this week!

Pokemon Ben Family Commission by marvelmania

So apparently this marvelmania dude was commissioned to draw a guy’s family with Pokémon. That’s actually a really cool idea, but holy crap, your kids are hanging out with creatures that control the forces of nature! What kind of shameful parenting is that!? It’s actually a pretty impressive picture, and it even includes the family dog! Behind the Charizard… floating I think. Or is the Charizard holding him? I’m kind of not sure, but it looks toasty over there next to Charizard’s tail flame! And is that a penguin I see sailing right over Blastoise’s water cannon? Dude, your family has a penguin!?

Pokemon Bikini Model by caroangulito

See, ladies and gentlemen, when I started this column, I KNEW oddball stuff like this was going to be thrown into the mix. And… here it is! It’s not all watercolors and Photoshop at dA! She looks great, but I can see in her face a kind of “my goodness, this is beyond silly” look to it. And heck, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen bikinis with Pokémon themes, so this is actually nothing new to me! The level of detail on those Pokéballs is actually pretty good. So if you’re ever in the need to prove Pokémon isn’t just for kids or some nerdy, geeky thing, well, ta-da! You won’t see Dark Souls or Call of Duty get this kind of treatment!

Murkrow by Tward8

It’s another awesomely-drawn piece by Tward8, who brought you that great apple-devouring Tropius last week! This is a spunky Murkrow who just wants to murder you happily in your sleep. Nah, it’s the evil eye, MEAN LOOK, with creepy, unsettling eyes glaring INTO YOUR SOUL. NO, WAIT, STOP! LET’S TALK THIS OVER! I SWEAR WE CAN WORK THISSALFAADFDSFSsssssssssssssssssss

ThIs pICtuRE. Is gooOooD. No neED to ruN. EveRYthiNg iS fINe. EvERythIng is fINneee. CaRRy oN.

[COMM] Pokemon: Mystery Jungle by GJKou

“MAaaM! They keep changing the floors around again!”

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon captures all of the fun of being completely lost wherever you go while having no clue what direction you’re supposed to go in! And for having a perfectly uniform flight of stairs no matter where in the world you are! Even in the ocean! Anywho, this is another great, colorfully-detailed PMD-themed picture that has a kind of mystery to it. Just what is that Charmander looking at? Did someone set up a flatscreen in there and he’s watching sports? Much to Mew’s complete surprise? Maybe, but one can only guess!

GRAFIX by Chenks-R

The FUNNIEST part about this picture is how Blastoise is just looking at the fire heading right at him like getting facially barbequed is an everyday thing and oh well, what can you do? Hey, being a Pokémon is hard work! Think about all the times you’ve got to be burnt, punched, zapped, slapped, thrown around, smacked in the butt with fire, ice, poison spikes, and what have you! Meanwhile, we’re looking at you humans, sitting there on your sofa, eating Cheetos, drinking Mountain Dew, and watching HBO. Can I have a Cheeto?

Anyway, this is a really awesome take on realistic-looking Pokémon! The detail is epic from the Charizard’s scales, the groves on the Blastoise’s shell, and even the dirt on the stadium field has a fantastic level of detail! Color me impressed, this one’s hot stuff. Hot stuff. Pun intended. Hurr hurr hurr.

Well that’s all, boys and gals! May your days be bright, your showers be warm, your public toilet stalls clean and dry, and your traffic be light and breezy!

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