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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep40 12FEB2018 – 18FEB2018


Your #1 source for the latest Pokémon art… with some spicy extras!

When you think mayhem, think Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief! Or when you don’t feel like going out, feel like being lazy, or have gotten tired from trying to invent new places to park when the lot is full, think Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief!

Patreon Request 2017 – Pokemon – Dulse and Zossie by YAMsgarden

Not having played Ultra Sun and Moon… can I has Google plz!? I’m trying to imagine the conversation these two are having, though it looks like Zossie is really the only one doing the talking and Dulse is just standing there not very amused while wondering about all the TV and Netflix he’s missing out on. Meanwhile, Zossie is like “so there was one time when I was working in a pizzeria and this costumer was squawking about how cold her pizza was and I just grabbed a whole pizza like this and flung it at her face. That kind of thing usually make sure they never come back!”

Pokemon Valentine – Gengar and Clefable by TrollGirl

AGAIN these two appear together! That’s funky, but now it’s totally the thing. I mean there’s plenty of great Pokémon that go together for Valentine’s Day, but why do the ordinary thing like just another male and female Pikachu or the whole Plusle/Minun thing again? Nah, get this funky match up going and have them share a cupcake in the middle of a flowery field! Next I want to see Lugia and Ho-oh sharing a cup a tea in the park on a Sunday afternoon while listening to Penny Lane by the Beatles.

Pokemon Valentine – Vulpix Pounce by TrollGirl

BRRRRRTTTT! ERROR: SPECIES OF BUTTERFLY IDENTIFIED IN POKÉMON UNIVERSE THAT ISN’T BUTTERFREE/BEAUTIFULY/VIVILLON TERMINAL SHUTDOWN POINT HAS BEEN REACHED. This is cute because regular-flavor Vulpix is going to get whacked from behind by Alolan Vulpix and that’s going to start a whole series of revenge moves that includes whacking, smacking, cheating at Monopoly, greasing bowling balls, stealing all the toilet paper, and hiding car keys.

Arcanine Running by TamberElla

Okay, these two are pretty badass. It’s even hard to point silly things at this but I would be funny to see these two suddenly running at you right in the middle of the street while you’re driving and then suddenly you’re in shock, spilling your wild berry Seven Eleven Slurpee all over your pants and the ice cream cone is now more in your hair than in your hand and suddenly a trash can and hot dog stand have gone flying and now there’s hot dogs and wrappers in the air. That’s your typical commute. Ha, you thought living in the Pokémon world was fun!

Pokemon Valentine – Succulent Bulbasaurs

It’s a new take on Bulbasaur where their bulbs are now artichokes! That’s pretty handy! But why stop there? We need Bulbasaurs that can grow all kinds of produce on their back! Like if I suddenly had a DIRE CRAVING for apricots, well heck, I’d need a Bulbasaur with an apricot tree than some silly flower. Because when I’m feeling too lazy to shove my butt to a produce section where I have to weave my way in and out of people like a running back trying to get through a defensive line, I could just rely on my Bulbasaur!

That’s all that’s fresh for this week, children! Now behave yourselves and resist the temptation of sticking Post-It notes to your cat!

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