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New Chapters and Characters in Pokemon Masters

Been wanting more chapters in Pokemon Masters?

Then wait no longer! Trainers in Pokemon Masters can soon expect to have the chance to go deeper into the story and get new characters! Below are the details.

  • Three new story chapters on November 6, where fan-favorite Trainer Calem will make his Pokémon Masters debut.
  • New “Expert” difficulty that challenges players in the Strike, Tech, and Support courses at a higher difficulty with the promise of more item rewards is now available.
  • New missions are now available until November 6th.
  • Grass-Type & Electric-Type Training Events are now live and will run through October 30 and 29 respectively.

On November 6th, you can expect to have three new chapters in Pokemon Masters. These chapters will also include Interlude 3.

Best of luck in Pokemon Masters! Make sure to use this time to warm up and train for more battles in Pokemon Masters!

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