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New Distribution Method! Pokemon Pass!

Pokemon Pass
Better not pass up on this way to get Pokemon!

Pokemon will release a new app called Pokemon Pass to distribute Pokemon.

Pokemon Pass is an app that can be used to read QR codes at certain retailers. You can scan a QR Code with Pokemon Pass and it will then generate a serial code. You can then use this serial code in your game to download the Pokemon with Mystery Gift.

If you go to Target starting on May 11th, you can use Pokemon Pass for the first ever Let’s Go distribution in the US. This distribution will allow players to get a Shiny Pikachu for Let’s Go Pikachu and Shiny Eevee for Let’s Go Eevee.

There are other plan events involving Pokemon Pass including special promotional bonuses for Detective Pikachu stickers for your text messages and upcoming Detective Pikachu Psyduck promo card.


It sounds like Pokemon Pass is being used to make it easier for store partners to host distribution events. In the past, if you ever go to a store like Target or Best Buy then you know it can be a hassle. Especially when it came locating distribution code cards. Some of them are located in the electronic department. Other times it is at the register.

By having a huge cardboard cutout with a QR code, it will become easier for Pokemon fans to get their serial code. After all, you need the code to retrieve the distribution Pokemon from Mystery Gift. All the stores will need to do is set up a cardboard display in a known location. That way Pokemon fans can easily find the QR code in the store. The only problem this could pose is that some Pokemon fans, mostly younger fans, may not have a phone that can read QR codes.

If you want a little bit more speculation then keep reading. This new method of using Pokemon Pass could be used by Pokemon as a way to handle distributions in a cheaper and faster manner. Pokemon may have found it expensive to print out several serial code cards and distribute them to different locations. Especially when there was a risk of those locations being unable to distribute them properly. It may be more cost effective to have a single cardboard display that will lead to higher sanctification for players. If this is true then they could host more distribution events at various locations.

Make sure to hit up Target starting on May 11th for a Shiny Pikachu and Shiny Eevee! Get Pokemon Pass app on your phone to ensure that you get these Pokemon! Currently Pokemon Pass isn’t on the app store but we will surely report when it becomes available.

Source: Tsukento on Twitter

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