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New English TCG Set! Break Through!

Break Though TCG Set
The name for this Fall’s TCG set will be called Break Through!

This set will be based on the Japanese sets Blue Impact and Red Flash which will be released in Japan on September 25th. These sets and their English counterpart will feature Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. A new mechanic will also be introduced called Break Evolution. There isn’t a lot of information about this set or the new evolution mechanic. Break Through will start the XY Break block though it is uncertain if the Japanese name for the block will carry though in the English TCG.

Breaking Through will be released in the US on November 4th, 2015.

On November 18th, Collector’s Chest Tin will be be released in the US. This tin will contain five packs, holo cards for Hoopa, Pikachu and Chespin, a coin, two sticker sheets, a mini album, a notepad, four pencils, and a TCGO code card.

Source: PokeBeach

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