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New Singles for P25 Music Has Dropped!

P25 Music
It is wonderful! A brand new single for P25 has dropped!

The party isn’t stopping for Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. Two brand new singles for Pokemon 25: The Album. Below are the details and songs.

“Wonderful” by Cyn

The first single release today is by Cyn and is called Wonderful. This song will surely bring you wonderful memories of you and your favorite Pokemon traveling across the land. All to be the very best like nobody has ever was. After all, you and them are alive at the same time.

Oh, isn’t it wonderful?

Cyn is an American singer and songwriter. She debuted at the age of 16 and was mentor by Katy Perry. “Mood Swing” was Cyn’s debut album which release in September 2019.

You can listen to Wonderful by Cyn below.

“Got’Em” by Vince Staples

The second single release today is called “Got’Em” by Vince Staples. This rap single features a bit more direct references to Pokemon such as mentions Rattata, Mew and Raichu. There is certainly mentions of catching Pokemon. It does give a much more intense version of the journey that a Pokemon Trainer takes.

Get ready for some heavy steppin’ and make sure you are charged up like Raichu.

You can listen to the single below.

Pokemon 25: The Album

Just like in the video games, there will be two versions being release. They are to be small albums.

Pokemon 25: The Red EP will feature Mabel’s “Take It Home”, “Got’Em” by American rapper/singer Vince Staples and “Wonderful” by Cyn. This album will be release later today.

The second small album, Pokemon 25: The Blue EP, will be release at a later date. This one will feature remixes by Zhu. This American electronic music producer and singer has been around since 2014.

Source: Serebii

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