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A new TCG App could be on the way

Pokemon TCG
In an article about the recently announced Zelda app for Smartphones has hinted that Pokemon may soon have a new TCG app.The Pokemon Company International was publicly non-committal to any such project, the Wall Street Journal has claimed to have insider information regarding a mobile version of the already hugely popular Trading Card Game.

Pokémon Co. is planning a new card-game app, two people familiar with the matter said. Pokémon Co. already makes physical cards that players collect and use in competitions. A company spokeswoman declined to comment.

This comes following the release of the incredibly popular Pokemon GO app, Pokémon’s first real venture into mobile gaming. Despite the hesitance to announce anything official, it would seem as a logical next step for a company who’s enjoying one of its most productive periods in recent years. There is currently a Pokemon TCG app on the iPad that allows players to play the TCG on a tablet though there is no version of this app on mobile devices.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Can you see the TCG working out in such a format? Would you be willing to try it? Let us know.

Source: Pokebeach

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