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One Punch Man Artist Collaborates with Pokemon!

One Punch Man
Do you love One Punch Man?

If you do then you are going to be excited about this piece of news. That is because Yusuke Murata, the illustrator behind One Punch Man, has collaborated with Pokemon to give fans some amazing piece of art!

Yusuke Murata has illustrated an impressive piece of art that features the heroes Rosa from Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 and Brandon from OmegaRuby & AlphaSapphire. These two heroes are flying on top of Charizard as they witness Ultra Necrozma bursting out from a stadium. There are plenty of Pokemon who are either running away or prepping to take on Ultra Necrozma. Some of these Pokemon feature Lucario, Mega Blaziken and even Meloetta! It looks as if we are in for a colossal battle!

You can see Yusuke Murata collaboration with Pokemon on several upcoming merchandise from the Japanese Pokemon Center. Some of these items includes shirt, bags, bath towels and more. You can also see some of his work on some up and coming TCG products. You can see some of the TCG products below.

It looks as if Yusuke Murata made a mini-comic about what is going on in this battle against Ultra Necrozma. Some of the merchandise features panels where Rosa and Brandon are reacting to the arrival of Ultra Necrozma. The TCG playmats look awesome and would be perfect to have your own battle on top of.

You can get a look into Yusuke Murata process of creating this impressive piece of work. The video below shows all of Yusuke Murata’s work as he makes this amazing piece of art.

If you want to see the other products that Yusuke Murata’s work will be featured on then below is a commercial for the line.

This is some amazing work that Yusuke Murata has done for Pokemon. Hopefully this is only the beginning between Pokemon and Yuskuke Murata. Perhaps we will see other manga artist do something for Pokemon in the future.

Source: PokeJungle
Source for TCG Products: Lunar Lugia on Twitter

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