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Podcast Central: Celebrations

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We have milestones and beginnings to celebrate! So lets cut the chitchat and get to chitchatting!

Some of our favorite podcasts are celebrating some major milestones. This is amazing because it is a testament to their passion for Pokemon. Clearly all our podcasters are dedicated to their craft and Pokemon but these two podcasts have been on the air for so long to reach certain landmarks.

You may even say that these podcasts have hit certain goals. After all, if you have done something two hundred fifty times then that is a lot of times. Let say you have watched over two hundred seventy-five episodes of a show and have given such deep analysis is no small feat. I am amazed that we can hear these people on a regular basis for so long. I hope that all their listeners shower these podcasters with love while new listeners will praise them and hopefully give them a listen. After all, that is the whole point for this column.

One of these amazing podcasts that we have the honor to spotlight will be PKMNcast. SBJ brings on the A-team to celebrate the podcast’s 250th episode with a live show! These awesome personalities hit the airwaves live for their 250th episode just to take questions from their audience. The PKMNcasters bring on the best that their show has to offer with cats and old favorites. Make sure to listen to this episode just to take part in their crazy antics.

The other of our amazing podcasts that have hitting a big milestone is Pikapi Podcast! Anne has finally enter the Advance Generation saga with Ash taking his first steps into the Hoenn region! Things do not go smoothly for Ash and Anne will make sure to take note. She does a great analysis of how life is willing to prove Ash wrong even though the kid was confident that he would be fine on his first journey alone. Though she makes sure to note that this won’t be the same as our little boy has grown up a little. Also check out the new intro that sounds great!

Next we have P.U.C.L. Podcast who hit an interesting milestone as they finally decided to open up the books to review the Yellow arc from Pokemon Adventures. Thatch and the others dust off their old manga collection to talk about what they like from the old arc and why you should give it a read.

PTCG Radio is next on our listening docket. Ross talks about some of the new cards coming out from the newest Sun & Moon TCG set. The new meta sounds awesome as we have many new decks that will surely give old players a run for their money. Make sure to listen to this episode so you know which cards you will need to have in your binder.

Lastly, we have Kanto Cast talking about the recent Winter Regionals. Blue and Yellow invite Gabby to talk about some of the surprises and developments from the recent Regionals involving the VGC.

Don’t touch that Totodile! We got some podcasts to listen to!

PKMNcastPKMNcast: This Is Fine

Pikapi PodcastPikapi Podcast: The Honeymoon Is Over!

P.U.C.L. PodcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Pokemon Yellow Manga

PTCG RadioPTCG Radio: Best New Decks From Sun And Moon

Kanto CastKanto Cast: Winter Regionals Wrap-Up with Gabby Snyder

Love these podcasts? Make sure to give them all a review and rating on iTunes!

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