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Podcast Central: Featuring Serena

Podcast Central
It is time for another Podcast Central! Which podcasts should you be listening to right now? Lets go ahead and see!

Summer is coming close to an end. We are only less then a month away before the grind of school is upon us. The next time you will hear from Podcast Central will be the week before school starts for most kids. It is a sad fact. Though we shouldn’t let that stop us from listening to some awesome podcasts! Plenty of great things can be listened to right now. So why not enjoy what is left with the summer as we GO out and listen to some podcasts!

The first podcast we are showcasing today is the Pikapi Podcast! Anne answers one question that takes up over half of the episode to answer. This one question becomes an in-depth character study between Serena and Ash. How has the journey through Kalos developed these two characters. Listen to this episode to find out the answer to this question and how excited Anne is review the Kalos saga!

Guess who turned six years old? It’s Super Effective! The PKMNcast has recently celebrated their sixth anniversary. We even had an interview with SBJ. SBJ and his cohosts celebrate with a new look for the podcast and a special guest! Marriland! So check out this interview and the return of the Healthy Living segment.

A new TCG set has just came out! Steam Siege! All TCG players should be listening to this episode of PTCG Radio. Ross has compile a list of which cards from Steam Siege that players will need to buy. So give this episode a listen to see which cards you should put your money on.

Wynaut another podcast? We have another episode from WynautAPodcast with a few new cohosts. This time the group talks about Pokemon GO and their latest escapades in the game.

Want to hear some Pokemon Sun and Moon talk? Then take a listen to the P.U.C.L. Podcast. In this episode they talk about some of their favorite abilities that have so far been reveal for Sun and Moon. Which ones could break the game? Take a listen to find out.

Lastly, we have The Dex Podcast talking about their excitement about Hyper Training. Even more interesting, did The Dex Crew accidentally predicted a potential feature of the game before it was reveal on August 1st? Take a listen to this episode and decide for yourself.

Don’t touch that Totodile. There are some podcasts to listen to!

Pikapi PodcastPikapi Podcast: A Gym Battle Featuring Serena

PKMNcastPKMNcast: Pokémon GO + Water + Gen Con [Featuring Marriland]

PTCG RadioPTCG Radio: Steam Siege EXs And Buy List

PTCG RadioWynauntaPodcast: “Pokemon GO and Beware the Bewear”

P.U.C.L. PodcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Best Abilities in Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Dex PodcaastThe Dex! Podcast: Hyper Training!

Love these podcasts? Make sure to give them all a review and rating on iTunes!

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