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Podcast Central: Spooks, Battles and Eats

Podcast central
Come on down to spooky town!

And grab some good eats and battles! Today we are going to come on down to hear some podcasts about spooky times in a haunted house. Then we will hear about some cool battles. Lastly, some good eats with some good people. So I hope you are hungry for some good podcasts because we got plenty to show you here today. My name is Mikey Fieri and this is Podcast Central!

Alright. I hope you guys enjoy that bad impression of me being Guy Fieri introducing a show that I have never watched. Maybe you will see soon but no new podcast to add to the line up. As always, there are plenty of new podcasts for me to show off but I just didn’t get to listening to them. Didn’t help that I was resting up to recover from a sore throat. That is beside the point! We still got a Podcast Central to serve up!

With that said! Don’t touch that Totodile! It is podcast listening time!

Podcast Spotlight

Postcards from PearlPostcards from Pearl: Father Spooky’s Creepy Emporium– Providing us with the spooks is Pearl! A trip to a haunted museum means an appearance from the Mystery I- Ummm…Mystery Gang! Will they catch the ghost or will they become ghosts?
EXP ShareEXP. Share: Route 5, Driftveil Drawbridge, Driftveil City, Cold Storage, & Quake Badge [EXPLICIT]– Josh and Tanner are here with the battles! As they battled Team Plasma in a cold place while tackle Clay and the reason why there is a lawyer in his gym. Sounds like dangerous working conditions.
I Chews YouI Chews You: Infernape Ft. EXP Share Podcast- It is time to eat as the ICY Chefs are cooking up some hot Infernape for some guests! The boys from EXP. Share are here and going to do more then check out some recipes.

Talk Podcasts

PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Qualities of a Good Remake– Thatch and the council are looking at all the remakes and seeing what makes a good remake. Will BDSP make the cut?
PKMNCastIt’s Super Effective: Hisuian Zorua & Zoroark for Pokémon Legends- How do you introduce an old Pokemon with a new look? By a creepy video that some may have been impressed by.
Wild PodcastA Wild Podcast has Appeared: Hisuian Zorua Is Just as Creepy as We Expected – The new forms for ZOrua and Zoroark are as creepy as the Comicbook Crew dreamed them to be.
After DarkraiAfter Darkrai: Pinheadcurchin: 69 & Car Batteries [EXPLICIT]– Bret and the others take a look back at all the BDSP news when it comes to new Pokemon. Plus some pinheads.
Silph RadioSilph Radio: The Weedle Family (With Phil Cobb)– Nathan is going back to Kanto to talk about the little worm with a big stinger.
EXP ShareElite Full Restore: A Serious Mon – Matt has Lewtwo on to talk about how BDSP is different from the other Pokemon games that have came before and after it.

Specialty Podcasts

PokeMakersPokeMakers: Spooky Ghost Types!– Need more spooks? Then Alex and JD got you covered! They are making a new ghosts for their new town, Clay Valley!
PokeSciencePokeScience: Zombiemon – Lucas is talking about Zombies! Well, the best Pokemon to use if you have to survive a zombie invasion. The best one is actually pretty metal.
Pokemon RadioPokemon Radio: Ecruteak City, Burned Tower, Ecruteak City Gym, MooMoo Farms – It is a race against time as they meet up with Bill who is messing with time. But some may have more time then others to train a new Pokemon.

Pokemon of the Episode

Luke Loves PokemonLuke Loves Pokemon: Spinda– Luke is talking about math and Pokemon using Spinda! One of the most spot-on mathematical Pokemon around!
Daycare DittosDaycare Dittos: Shellder & Cloyster [EXPLICIT]– You bet Peter, Sara, and Dave will mention the…certain moment that a Cloyster stood next to an Onix.
Welcome to the World of PokemonWelcome to the World of Pokemon: Machop – Everybody here is making Corbin feel bad about himself but you bet there is plenty of praise for Machop!

Anime Podcasts

Pokemon SnapshotPokemon Snapshot: Holy Matrimony! – Jeff and Josh are learning that not everybody is up for marriage. Especially Ash and James.
PokePresPoke Press: Discussing Pokemon Trozei Music/Insert Pokemon Song Here– Steven and Anne are talking about songs that was used for Pokemon movies but were not in the movie. Especially one that seems too silly to be in a movie.
EveryPokemonEpisodeEverEvery Pokemon Episode Ever: “Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!” (Get the Tsutarja That Knows Attract!?) – Chris and Doug are attracted to this episode and it didn’t involve Snivy using Attract on them.
Victory RoadVictory Road: “Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle” (feat. Lee Roberts, a.k.a. Professor Spruce) – It is movie time on the Victory Road! Plenty of talk about the newest Pokemon movie featuring Tarzan and the jungle!

TCG Podcasts

Tag TeamTag Team: Polymerization!- It is time for fusion for the Tag Team Duo! They are looking at Fusion Strike and the cards that will strike hard in this brand new set!
PokeDadsPokeDads: What To Bring For IRL Pokemon Tournaments- The PokeDads are excited for Face-to-Face events and want you to be excited too! But first you need to know what is needed for these events.
ShadowlessShadowless Podcast: NEW Pokemon Revealed?– The Shadowless Gang are excited for new Pokemon  coming!
Amazing RareAmazing Rare Podcast: Post Celebration Hangover + Big Vintage Score!! -The Amazing Pair are still celebrating the Celebration high with some amazing pulls!
FlowTKASTFlowTKast: Starring the VSTARS!!!– Scott and Stephen are excited for the arrival of the VSTARS! Will the stars line up to make an impressive and great set?
Pokemon RadioTrashalanche: Fusion Strike: Everything IRL Events-That is all – Grent, Brit and Mike are talking about the grind that will need to be done in order to make it to Worlds.
Pittsburgh Pokemon PodcastPittsburgh Pokemon Podcast: Heading to World’s via Oregon w/ Darren H. – The Triple P Guys are ready to leave right now to Worlds. Well, they may need a few points but they will give you pointers on how to get those points.
Meta PodMeta Pod: VStar Revealed & Regionals Announced!– Jake and Sean are going international! Well, maybe but they are going to Columbus. Maybe. Still! They are talking about all the big Pokemon news.
Faded TownFaded Town: Fusion Strike set review Faded Town – The Boys of Faded Town are taking a looking at Fusion Strike and the cards you will need to know about.
Special ConditionsSpecial Conditions: Let’s Celebrate – Adam and Ken are celebrating but talking about the tank that is Duraludon and how durable it is!
Heat FactoryThe Heat Factory: How to prepare your account for the PTCGO Sunset – The Heat Factory are talking about what you need to do before the launch of PTCG Live on PTCG Online.

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Lured UP Lured Up Podcast: BONUS – Silly In Philly- Ken and Adam talk about their wild adventure in Philly and the real meaning of Pokemon GO.
Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: Dia de Los Muertos Event & Philly Safari Zone- SALT and Nar are talking about Mexican food and the flavors of Dia De Los Muertos with the perfect Pokemon. Cubone.
GoCastGoCast: Pumpkaboo-hoo- Chris and Kyle are going to talk about how Pumpkaboo is going boohoo but Phantump is making Pokemon tremble.
Pokemon GO POdcastPokemon GO Podcast: “This is Halloween!”- Joe and Charles are not going to be spooked by no ghosts!
The Purified PodcastThe Purified Podcast: Fall, Autumn, GO TIME!– Chris and Luis are falling in love with all the events for Fall in Pokemon GO.
Battle scienceBattle Science: RATTLE ME BONES!!- Jesse and Steven are not going to do a bare bones show. Especially when there are so many competitions to talk about.
IncensedIncensed: Are COMMUNITY DAYS too long?, Is CANDY XL Ruining Pokémon GO? & November Breakdown– Incensed Boys are talking about the serious issues in Pokemon GO from Community Days to Candy XL.
Pokemon GO FMPokemon GO FM: From Darkness to Light!– Things may have looked dark before but now all the great events are coming to light and Bagel is happy for that.

Pokemon Tabletop Podcasts

Critical DittoCritical Ditto: Spacial Rend #2- Lots of decisions were made in this episode. From picking the right book to picking the right plush. Though, one of the Dittos may have made the wrong decision.
Mystery Dungeons and DarkraisMystery Dungeons and Darkrais: The Worst Pirates Ever– Chuck and Felix are going to sneak into the Aqua Crew’s hangout but are they really good at sneaking? At least there some good EDM beats.
Boarding PartyBoarding Party Pokemon DnD: A Soul for a Soul– Boys becomes men as banshee sisters come to life and attack! Questions are asked and answers are questioned.
Critical HitmonleeCritical Hit-Monlee: Feeling the Heat Pt. 1 – Things get hot and heated in this battle as the Critical Team battle a hot trainer.
Reckless RollersReckless Rollers: The Safari Games Pt 1: Entry- It is the old back to the Safari Zone trick. You know, catching Pokemon and finding teeth.
Not a ScratchNot a Scratch: The Arc 3 Summary Episode! – Are you new? Or just love Not a Scratch? Then check out a recap of Arc 3 to get ready for the next arc!
Pokemon World TourPokemon World Tour United: The Indigo League Championships Round Three Closing Match- Rose sure does know how to make friends and raise monsters. And it is all showing in her final match against Kent.
Pokemon MilleniumAdventures in the Millennium: Swarming the Competition– The Sinnoh Crew is back! Gabe is swarming at a Bug Contest with quite a buggy person leading it.

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