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Podcast Central: Wonder Pets

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Pets are amazing thing. They are so amazing that we even see them in the Pokemon world. It should be obvious that not everybody in the Pokemon world have Pokemon to battle. Some of them just own Pokemon just to keep them company.

Just imagine how helpful it could be to have a Pokemon around the house that is a pet and your best friend. Perhaps you have a Mr. Mime as a pet who also helps with household chores. That would be rather nice. Then again…I don’t think you want to have a Tyrantar for a pet as they will just make a mess because of their Sandstream ability.

Enough talk about pets. Lets get into some podcasts! Don’t touch that Totodile!

The Dex! Podcast: Worst Pets– The Dex! Crew are finally back in full force as they talk about Pokemon. There is a bit of a low in Pokemon news at the time of this recording but it is still worth listening to. Especially for their Top 5 which is an amazing topic. Maybe you have all wonder how awesome it would be if Pokemon were real but have you ever thought about how much trouble it would be? Even worst, how much trouble it would to have certain Pokemon? The Dex! Crew talk about the worst Pokemon to have as pets. So make sure to give this one a listen as they talk about how horrible it would be to have a Sableye as a pet. And you all thought a cat made a bad pet.

P.U.C.L. Podcast: Freeform Show: Things That Annoy Us– In this special episode of the P.U.C.L. Podcast, Thatch and the gang talk about things within Pokemon that annoys them. We are going from worst pets to pet peeves! Take a listen to the things that annoy these Pokemon fans such as fans who try to make connections from just two points and how much a certain dragon has taken over the market. It is all here in this episode!

Pikapi Podcast: We’re going back in time, guys!- Mako has hopped onto the Celebi Express in order to go back in time to talk about an old episode! Because of technology and weird things, Mako has to redo her third episode because it got lost to the internet! That is  great because Mako recorded a brand new episode of an old episode that was a major turning point in the series so young. This episode covers Ash capturing his first two pokemon and his first evolution. We get so much when it comes the personality of characters that we would spend years with in just this single episode in the early part of the series. A real blast from the past! If you want to listen to any episode of this podcast then this is the episode!

Gen 0 Podcast: Giratina and the Jerk Pokemon– Doug and Sean get their bag of popcorn ready as they tackle the second movie in the Sinnoh Trilogy. This time it is “Giratina and the Sky Warrior” featuring surprise guest Regigigas. Funny how the Regi Pokemon simply come out of nowhere when it comes to Pokemon movies. It is like they are thrown in. Either way, our movie duo talk about how awesome Giratina is and how ungrateful the gratitude Pokemon is. Also a flying ship with drills joins the Stupid Pokemon Tech and Ships Club.

PTCG Radio: UK Nats 2015 and LTC Banned Ross hits the airwaves after such a huge weekend for the Pokemon TCG. There were a few major tournaments that happen this past weekend with huge results. To make things even more intense for TCG players! There was the first ever banning of a card since the days that Wizards of the Coast had control of the TCG. Then make sure yo listen to Ross’s adventures at UK Nationals where he was able to play the role as commentary for all the best matches. If you want to be up-to-date on the TCG then you will need to listen to this episode!

Podcast Monsters: The Battling Eevee Brothers– This week, our Podmon Trainers Kacie, Gabe and Andrew are joined by Jack Quaid to tackle an infestation of Eevee! There are brown Eevee! Blue Eevee! Red Eevee! And Yellow Eevee! There are even jerk brothers who don’t really like listening to the opinions of others. This may be one of the most normal of the strange episodes of Pokemon and that is considering it features Eevee.

PKMNCast: Absol, Xerneas, Victini SBJ takes the show live to LA! Not really but they do talk about LA and the news about a special Pokemon shop that will be opening there soon! Expect to hear about some highly fashionable podcasters soon! Fashionable podcasters that know all about the latest Little Cup competition hosted by Nintendo. How many times will the gush over a certain cute Pokemon? Just take a listen to this episode to find out.

Radio Whirlwind: Directly in your Super #Salt– Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon! Is talked about by Illus and the bunch. They return to the live show format to bring you the latest news about the next Pokemon game and more! So listen to this podcast if you want to stay fresh on the big Nintendo and Pokemon news!

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