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PokeCasters Roleplay for Charity!

The dice are rolling! These podcasters are roleplaying for Charity!

The PokeCasters Network are at it again with another charity drive! Welcome to the PokeCasters Network Charity Tabletop Extravaganza!

The PokeCasters Network have gather podcasts from all over to play in a tabletop campaign for charity! These roleplayers will be playing in a tabletop campaign but you can watch it all happen live on the PokeCasters Network Twitch Channel! Starting on December 19th from 10AM to 1AM EST.

You will hear many of your favorite Pokemon podcasters during this massive day of tabletop! Some of these Pokemon podcasters include Pokemon: Adventures in the Millennium, Not a Scratch, Critical Hitmonlee, Cubones & Catacombs, and Pokemon: Mind & Body. There will also be players from Chaotic Creations there to join in on this chaotic charity campaign.

Though, you may see some familiar voices pop up during the stream such as Dozer from Pokemon Champions Podcast, The Science People from Science of Pokemon, Bagelnoob from Pokemon GO FM and myself, Mikey from Pokemon Crossroads!

To Donate

All donations will go to the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital Foundation using Extra Life. If you donate then you be able to have an impact on the battle by buying extra dice for advantage. These extra dice could be used help give your favorite trainer the boost they need to win their match. Your donation could also help trigger random events of change the battlefield.

Also, your donation could get you some famous prizes such as dice and more! You can start donating by CLICKING HERE!

About the Charity Campaign

Below is the plot for the PokeCasters’ tabletop charity campaign.

Trainers from around the world are gathering for a special Pokemon World Tournament in Driftveil City in the Unova Region. The tournament has enter top cut with many impressive battles to come in the final rounds. Each trainer in the tournament have their own motive for being in the tournament. May it be fame, glory or money. It doesn’t matter because in the end, only one trainer will reach the top to achieve their ultimate goal.

The Pokemon World Tournament exhibition tournament has enter the final two days of battles. The crowds are gathering into the stadium and the trainers are making their final preparations. Each one of them ready to battle on the path of victory filled with sweat, tears and determination.

This tabletop campaign is filled with intense action and battles. Each roleplayer is going to battle against another to ensure that their character will reach the top. Who will win? You will have to tune in this Saturday to find out!

Ongoing Conversation