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Pokemon Adventures Going Digital!

Pokemon Adventures
Take the adventure with you on your mobile device!

Viz has recently announced that they will be releasing the Pokemon Adventures manga on digital platforms. You can purchase Pokemon Adventures for $6.99 on all tablet devices. If you have a tablet then you can purchase the Pokemon manga on the following platforms: Kindle, ComiXology, iBooks, Nook, GooglePlay and VIZ platforms.

A new story saga for Pokemon Adventures manga will be release each month. Currently available right now on digital is Pokemon Adventures: Red & Blue. This also includes the Yellow story arc. All together this is the first seven volumes of the Pokemon Adventures manga. You can get a preview of Pokemon Adventures: Red & Blue by clicking here. This free preview is the first chapter from Volume 1.

Below is the release schedule for the digital Pokemon Adventures manga.

Release Schedule

Currently OutPokemon Adventures: Red & Blue (Vols 1-7)
August 2018Pokemon Adventures: Gold & Silver (Vols 8-14)
September 2018Pokemon Adventures: Ruby & Sapphire (Vols 15-22)
October 2018Pokemon Adventures: FireRed & LeafGreen (Vols 23-25)
Pokemon Adventures: Emerald (Vols 26-29)
November 2018Pokemon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum (Vols 1-11)
December 2018Pokemon Adventures: HeartGold & SoulSilver (Vols 1-2)
Pokemon Adventures: Black & White (Vols 1-9)
Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2 (Vols 1-2)
January 2019Pokémon movie tie-in manga

There is currently no word if the rest of the Pokemon Adventures manga or other Pokemon manga will be release digitally. The other Pokemon Adventures manga that isn’t listed above are for X & Y, OmegaRuby & AlphaSapphire and Sun & Moon. These sagas are currently only available in mini-volumes. There is no word if these mini-volumes will be collected into full volume form.

Other Pokemon manga that isn’t listed above above with no set digital release date are Pokemon Horizon and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventures.

The Pokemon movie tie-in manga that will be release in January 2019 is most likely the movie tin-in manga for Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us. Viz usually gets the rights for the Pokemon movie tie-in manga.

It looks like Pokemon trainers have plenty of reading to do! Make sure to catch these adventures on your digital platform of choice! If this goes well then maybe we can see Pokemon Adventures: Sun & Moon chapters release in Digital Shonen Jump similar to how Yu-Gi-Oh is release.

Source: Viz Blog

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