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Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month Finale! Fan Love and Comments!

One last push for Pokemon Appreciation Month!

This past July was amazing. We started the month celebrating the anniversary of an amazing Pokemon GO Podcast and ended it with a mountain of Pokemon Tabletop podcasts. We even sprinkle in during the month of July several Pokemon roundtable responses from various different Pokemon podcasts. All of this to show how great Pokemon podcasts are!

The month is over but there is one Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month feature that I want to do and that is one from the fans. We have asked people on Twitter to name some of their favorite Pokemon podcasts. Various fans of different podcasts have answer our call and we are going to feature them right here! So buckle in because we got some pretty amazing ones!

I Chew-Chew-Chews You!

Kicking things off, we have plenty of love for I Chews You! A podcast about cooking and eating Pokemon!

I Chews You has only been around for one year but they have so many fans chews-ing them! Just like Kyut530 and Jullian! Who knew that eating and cooking Pokemon was such as popular subject.

Though, we can’t ignore the charm of the ICY Chefs. They are all musically incline from what we learn about them in our roundtables with them. These guys really know how to bring the humor with their talks about clowns and just general clowning around. Either way, they are still amazing to listen to on a weekly basis.

Lure Up and GO!

This is the perfect tweet to show that support that the Pokemon GO community gives. I have been following Pokemon GO podcasts for years now and the one thing that they all have in common is the sense of community.

Terry Wolf is a pillar in the Pokemon GO community and him shouting out Lured Up no surprise. Then we see GoCast seconding that glowing recommendation shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. The Pokemon GO community are always supporting each other and love to see others rise up.

After all, when the water rises then so do all the boats. A quote from Ken from Lured Up.

Roll for Initiative

NAT TWENTY! We got some some great tweets for some fun podcasts!

Pokemon World Tour: United? Yeah! You bet they can put people in a good mood! Rose and Cobalt have been doing their your of Kanto for five years! They got smiles for miles with plenty more to give.

Chris the DM is right! The Roaring Trainers will make sure you are roaring at how great they are. Pushing through with amazing storytelling and characters. Especially with their recent episodes.

Is MBurgundy talking about Postcards from Pearl by Quest Company Junior? Then yes! Jonah and Sarah do an amazing job in crafting a world and story filled with amazing characters. From Jonah doing a great job in world building and Sarah bring out the best with Pearl’s antics and how she brings out the best from the characters around her. Always looking forward to a brand new episode!

The Pokemon Podcast! Super Effective!

You bet one of the most famous Pokemon podcasts got some shout outs!

Some cross content love! Some for the chefs at I Chews You! And some Steve and this friends at It’s Super Effective! Sounds like CupcakeDex has a great two hit combo to her week with her Pokebois.

Dave Scott and Genesect! That is so true! Each person on It’s Super Effective all have such a great and different personality. You got Steve being Steve. There is Will as the older Pokemon fan. Greg is there being the big nerd! Plus a variety of other co-hosts such as Al. Together they are super effective at podcasting!

Tom from Pay Day brings up a great point. Steve does give an insight that not many podcasts can give. After all, he has been following Pokemon for so long. That is something that can only come with passion and just enjoying your craft.

Just Appreciating the Podcasts

Here are just various of tweets that are just appreciating the craft of making a Pokemon podcast.

Jonah from 2’s Company could be talking about just tabletop podcasts or Pokemon podcasting in general. Either way, each episode that a Pokemon podcaster creates adds another opportunity to learn about other fans. After all, each fan has their own Pokemon story to tell.

Right from a former Pokemon podcaster’s mouth! There is a real sense of community in the Pokemon podcast sphere. All of the Pokemon podcasts out there are amazing in their own way with plenty of fans who look forward to their next episode. May it be about the latest Pokemon news, the next best team or deck or may just a new chapter in a tabletop story. All of them are amazing and keeping that Pokemon podcasting flame alive!


It was amazing to host Pokemon Podcast Appreciation Month on PXR. We had a great time bringing you a new view and way to appreciate your favorite Pokemon podcast. During July we wanted to grab hold of as many Pokemon podcasts so that way everybody can take part in PPA Month. We hope that your favorite podcast had a moment in the spotlight in our various Podcast Central specials and Roundtables.

I love Pokemon podcasts and it was great to cover them all in July. We hope the feelings is the same for everybody who followed PPA Month and hopefully we can do it all again with more bang next year!

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