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New Balloons Sighted In Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO ad balloons
What’s more evil than Team GO Rocket balloons?

A new balloon has been spotted in the skies above the world of Pokémon GO. As with anything Pokémon related, this has divided the internet in two.

But why you may ask? What is going on with these new balloons? Well folks, it’s been a good ride. We have been very lucky so far with Pokémon GO. It’s been one of the few free games in the app store that doesn’t feature ads…until now.


Sure we have had sponsored PokéStops in the past. But they never acted differently than any other PokéStop in the game. However these new balloons come with an added annoyance. Once tapped on, you will be forced to look at a 3 second ad before being allowed to close it and return to the game. The items rewarded are not the greatest and usually feature Stardust, Balls, and maybe Rare Candy.

Fans of Pokémon GO have taken to the internet to register their disgust with this new feature. Twitter user Mitch had this to say about the new feature that had started rolling out to select users:

There is however a large group of level-headed folks who see why this is happening and know that it’s easy to ignore. They talk about disabling the feature from the settings menu, rather than deleting the app that has consumed the last 5 years of their life.

Personally, I’m not upset about this. Yes it’s not ideal. There is no reason Pokémon GO, that has made over one billion dollars in 2020, needs to include ads. It greedy and seems like the player wasn’t top of mind when this decision was made. But I already tolerate ads that pop up randomly in other apps, on YouTube and Twitch. It’s not big deal.

These new ad balloons in Pokémon GO can be ignored easily. Don’t tap on the balloons and you won’t be forced to watch the ad. I’m very curious to know what you think of this new feature. Let us know on Twitter if you plan of removing this feature or if getting some more items is worth the minor inconvenience.

See you around, Genesect!

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