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Pokémon GO Field Test Now in US

Pokemon GO
Do you want to be a beta tester for Pokemon GO? Do you live in the United States? Then your chance is here!

Pokemon and Niantic have opened up registration for Pokemon GO beta testers in the United States. Everybody is welcome to sign up for the chance to be a beta tester but it isn’t guarantee access to the field test.

Those who are selected to take part in the field test will be able to provide early feed back and help improve Pokemon GO for when it does release later in 2016.

Below is the field test overview.

  • Confidentiality: To have an element of surprise for our users at public launch, we ask that all field testers refrain from sharing the content of the field test with others through social networks, blogs, video networks and/or other media. Please treat all information as confidential.
  • Requirements:
    • Users residing in the United States, Australia or New Zealand. Android & iOS devices only.
    • Compatibility:
      • Android: Version 4.3 and above is required. We currently do not support Intel Atom-based Android devices.
      • iPhone: iPhone 5 with iOS 8 and above is required.
      • Playability is not guaranteed on all devices.
    • You need to agree to the privacy policy before signing up.
    • If you are selected to participate in the field test, you will need to review and accept the Pokémon GO Terms of Service which is integrated into the Pokémon GO mobile app.
    • The field test sign-up period may end without prior notice.
    • Field testers will be selected based on a variety of factors which may include OS-types, experience in real world games and an element of luck. Selected participants will receive an email with detailed instructions and requirements.
    • Confirmation of successful registration will not be re-issued under any circumstances, including the following: you provided the wrong email address, you inadvertently deleted it, or you lost it after it was processed as a spam mail. Please make sure that you enter a valid email address correctly.
    • Test player accounts and game data will not be transferred to the release version. Game progression and data will be wiped multiple times during the course of the field test. Due to the nature of this field test, game data can be erased inadvertently at any time.
    • Field testers will receive no premiums or monetary rewards, nor will they be reimbursed for any data usage. Please consider the actual improvement of game as the reward for participating the program.
    • Please pay attention to your surroundings and play safely. Niantic disclaims all liabilities for any property damage or personal injury that may occur during your participation in the field test.
    • The testing registration and account are personal and are not transferable to any other person. Field testers are prohibited from gifting, lending or exchanging the account.

In order to sign up you will need a Google account or email. You will also be asked to provide your Ingress Agent Name and Level but it isn’t required.

Sign ups start now! Good luck trainers!

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