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Pokemon Masters EX Release New Trailer! UPDATED

Pokemon Masters EX Trailer
Get ready to battle the Kanto Elite Four!

That is what the new trailer for Pokemon Masters EX is letting you know! It is going to be an all out war as you take fifteen Sync Pairs into battle against the four members of the Kanto Elite Four plus Blue.

The trailer for Pokemon Masters EX is really making sure that you are hype for this new feature and the one year anniversary of the game. The trailer is all done in CG. Many of the characters in the trailer have never left the two dimensional plane before and they look great! You see characters like Guzma running into battle along side with Misty! Elesa & Zebstrika are challenging the likes of Lance & Dragonite! Lorelei freezes both trainer and Pokemon with her Lapras!

It is all out war with an English rock ballad playing in the background.

Though, if you look carefully you can see that they are letting you know that Lillie is coming. The problem is that she is clearly not ready for the intense battles that are expected from the Kanto Elite Four. We do see that they pretty much confirm that Lillie’s partner in Pokemon Masters will be Clefairy. This is based on Lillie from UltraSun & UltraMoon.

You can watch the new trailer for Pokemon Masters EX below.

Are you ready to face the elite?

UPDATE: A longer version of the trailer has been posted featuring Zinnia & Rayquaza using Draco Meteor and Giovanni & Mewtwo using a barrier.

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