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The Pokémon TCG Crisis

sad pikachu
How exactly did we get here?

If you are into collecting Pokémon TCG products, then it’s no secret, that something is very wrong. Going to the store to buy cards has become a nightmare. Shelves are empty, online retailers are out of stock, and private sellers are charging double if not more than the suggested retail price. Everyone from the casual collector to people such as ourselves who are deeply rooted in the community are feeling the effects.

But what exactly happened? Frosted Caribou explains in her video that pinpoints the exact moment where things started to take a turn. She is very fair in her comments and acknowledges peoples reasons for doing what they do, whether those reasons come from a place of good intentions or not.

This video was on my YouTube recommendations and I’m so glad I watched it. Despite it being very late at night, I was quickly hooked and captivated throughout it’s entirety. I urge you all to watch. The hope is that enough people can get together and right the wrongs that have set forth wave of greed and despair among the different factions of Pokémon fans.

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