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Pokemon of the Week #693 Clawitzer

This week’s featured Pokemon is Clawitzer, the giant claw Pokemon! We’ve got three great art work for Clawitzer to see after the break!

ClawitzerName: Clawitzer / Burosuta / ブロスター

Type: Water

Classification: Howitzer Pokémon

Pokedex #: 693

Evolves From/Into: Clauncher @ Lv 37

Height: 4’03” (1.3m)

Weight: 77.8lbs (35.3kg)


Abilities: Mega Launcher – Increases the power of Aura and Pulse moves by 50%.

X & Y – Route 8, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City – Fish OR Trade from X

This week, I’ve focused mainly on newer art pieces.  Though the selection is small, the quality is still the same!  First up:  An interesting perspective on Clawitzer!

Clawitzerby TheAngryAron

This is my featured art piece of the week because… wow!  Be afraid!  Be very afraid.  The perspective and the quality of the art work really brings out Clawitzer.  I love how the ‘body’ of it is really not the center of the entire piece.  The claw, in my opinion, is really what deserves all the attention in this Pokemon!

Clauncher and Clawitzerby Rabid-Fangirl212

In thie piece, I like the family of Clauncher and Clawitzer. The pairing here makes perfect sense and the coloring is great.

Battle in The Snowstormby RandomNutz

Lastly, we end with this great piece from RandomNutz.  The battle scene and this perspective must make the opposing Pokemon fear.  Is it a ice beam?  Is it a hyper beam?  Whatever it is, it looks likes it is going to hurt!

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