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Raikou and New Research Tasks for Pokemon GO!

Some big shocks are coming to your research tasks in August!

Raikou headlines the rewards for Field Research in Pokemon GO this month.

Raikou comes back to Pokemon GO as a headline for August Electric-centered research tasks Meanwhile Shiny Houndour and Snubbull are also available. You can also expect to see some great surprises such as Spinda. Currently the are being rewarded in your research tasks.

Pokemon GO Hub on twitter has a chart outlining the tasks ahead for this month that you can see by clicking here.

There is also a new event! This event is the first event revolving around trading. From now to August 20th, all trades will have a 25% off! That is also include Special Trades as well. There will also be an increase of candy from trades. Lastly, triple experience from any new additions to your Pokedex.

Credit: Niantic/Pokemon GO Hub.

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