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Strut Your Stuff Pokémon Style!

New merchandise at the Pokémon Center is here!

As the days get cooler and it gets time to dress warmer, why not look to the Pokémon Center for some new clothes to accent your style. Following the popularity of the Lavender Town Leggings, seven new pairs of leggings have gone on sale for trainers to buy. Some of these leggings is based off a collection released in the past and feature a wide variety of Pokémon on them. There’s the Bulbasaur Meadow leggings featuring two Bulbasaur in a nice spring breeze. There’s the Umbreon Shadow leggings featuring several different Umbreon circling your legs. There’s the Pokémon Floral Friends leggings which feature purple silhouettes of a bunch of flowery Pokémon including Bellossom, Shaymin, Vileplume, and many more. There’s the Legends of Kanto leggings that include the silhouettes of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos repeateding all over a dark background. There’s the Pokémon Pink Allover Leggings which is packed to the bring with outlines and colored versions of a bunch of pink Pokémon including Slowpoke, Clefable, Porygon, Wigglytuff, and more. There’s the Vulpix Duality leggings which features colored outlines of Kantonian and Alolan Vulpix along with fire and ice symbols repeated over the leggings. And finally, there is the Umbreon and Espeon Starry Constellation leggings, featuring outlines of Umbreon and Espeon as well as a pattern featuring stars and constellations. In addition, if you would like to try out the original pair of leggings, the Lavender Town leggings are still on sale, featuring an older style of artwork for the Cubone, Haunter, and other Pokémon on the leggings.

In addition to the new leggings, there have been several other new releases at the Pokémon Center. For the TCG fans out there, booster packs, decks, and booster display boxes are now on sale for the new Unified Minds set. There’s five sets in total for fans to purchase featuring different items like coins and other TCG necessities. For those that like pins, two new pin packs have been released. The first is a set of silver Vulpix Duality pins, featuring Kantonian and Alolan Vuplix pins. The other pin is the newest mascot image for the Pokémon Center, featuring Special Delivery Pikachu and Charizard. A new Pokémon Gallery Figure DX has been released as well, featuring Gardevoir using Moonblast. Finally, in order to compete with the new adorable sheep Wooloo, Mareep has decided to step up its game by being released as a 24 inch poképlush for all fans to obtain if they’re in need for a fluffy hug.

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