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Sun & Moon Coming to TCG

Sun and MOon
Pokemon TCG players will be seeing the rise of a new set coming early 2017.

Generation 7 will be coming to the Pokemon TCG starting in February with the Sun & Moon TCG expansion. This set will start a new block in the Pokemon TCG with several new Pokemon, Alola variants of old Pokemon and new GX Pokemon!

Sun & Moon will have 140 cards featuring Pokemon with brand new art and abilities! Some of the Pokemon that trainers can expect to see this new set include: Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

The Alolan variants of several old Pokemon are special because they have a free attack. That means that these Pokemon have no attack cost to use their attacks! This hasn’t been seen since the Diamond and Pearl TCG sets.

The GX Pokemon will be featuring half art and powerful GX attacks that can only be used once per game. Players have already seen Solgaleo GX and Lunala GX but there will be many more that will premiere in Sun & Moon.

Players can go to their local Toys”R”Us, Gamestop, and their local hobby shop starting February 3rd to battle in a brand new generation of Sun & Moon.

Below are the full reveals of Solgaleo GX and Lunala GX.

EDIT: Pokemon has also announced that new sets will be legal for tournament play on the third Friday of the same month that the set was release in. Sun & Moon are going to be release on February 3rd which means the set will be legal to play in tournaments on the third Friday of February falls on February 17th.

Promos will now be legal on the first and third Friday of every month. This month, Snorlax GX will be release but it won’t be playable for tournament play until January 6th.

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