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TCG Jump: Feature Card- Chandelure EX

Chandelure EXCity Tournaments are coming to a close soon with several decks and cards taking tournaments left and right. Some of the old classics are still around but there are some new cards that are illuminating players to new strategies. One of them features an unique and new card from Legendary Treasures. This week we will be featuring Chandelure EX.

Chandelure EX is one of the few new cards printed in Legendary Treasures and it is rather unique. It is the first EX Pokemon that isn’t a Legendary Pokemon. Chandelure is normally a Stage 2 Pokemon card but in this incarnation of the card, it was printed as an EX Basic Pokemon. There is no evolving from Litwick involved. Just play Chandelure EX to your bench and start attacking.

Chandelure EX has two attacks but the one that will see the most play will be it’s Cursed Drop attack. This attack only takes one Psychic Energy to use and it allows you to put four damage counters on any Pokemon in any way you want. You could try to foil your opponent’s set up by attacking their Basic Pokemon before they evolve or try to soften up a Pokemon to later do the finishing blow. This Pokemon can see some late game use by using Cursed Drop to get rid of some heavy damaged Pokemon who decided to retreat to the bench to avoid being knocked out.

This card won’t have decks built around it. Instead, Chandelure EX will be something of a support card in Big Basic or similar types of decks. It will be the first the be sent out as a distraction for your opponent while you start powering up your other main attackers. Thanks to Pokemon Catcher being nerf, your opponent won’t be able to get around it so easily. You may end up losing Chandelure EX early game but by the the time that happens you should have a Pokemon ready to revenge kill a bunch of already weakened Pokemon.

Another thing that makes this Pokemon unique is that it can bypass Klinklang‘s Plasma Steel ability. Normally this ability will prevent all damage done to Steel type Pokemon from EX Pokemon but Chandelure EX’s Cursed Drop has found a loophole in that. Plasma Steel only prevents damage done, not damage counters. The wording on Cursed Drop states that it places damage counters on a Pokemon which is different from actual damage.

Chandelure EX may end up burning up some people during tournaments so keep an eye out for it and best of luck in the reminder of City Tournaments.

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