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TCG Jump: Featured Card- Float Stone

Float Stone

Plasma Freeze is going to be release in only a few weeks and already cards from this set are making their ways into decks via Prereleases. There are many much anticipating cards from this set so we are going to take the time to feature one of them: Float Stone.

Float Stone is a Pokemon Tool that gives free retreat to any Pokemon that it is attached to. Did your opponent Eelektrik (NVI) get Catchered in to stall for time? Did your Landorus EX got hit with Hypnotoxic Laser and you have no Switch cards left in your deck? Slap on a Float Stone to these Pokemon to help give them a quick escape from danger.

This card will surely be aiding Pokemon with heavy retreat cost that always seem to be in the cross-hairs of a Pokemon Catcher. It is always a painful situation to have a Pokemon in the active that you do not wish it to be while waiting to get a Skyla or a Switch simply to get it out.

A deck that this card may find itself a staple in could be Garbodor (DRX) variants. This Pokemon card has the ability to negate all Pokemon abilities with it’s Garbotoxin as long as there is a Pokemon Tool attached to it. Because of it’s ability and three energy retreat cost, Garbodor is often the target of many Pokemon Catchers. If the Float Stone is attached to it then not only will energy acceleration, free retreat and other pesky abilities will be shut down but Garbodor will be able to move freely from the active to the bench as it wishes.

The ability to have free retreat is a useful one. There is a reason why Emolga (DRX) is the prefer use of Call for Family over Shaymin from Boundaries Crossed. It is even more important now that anything can get poisoned and need to rid yourself of the condition by retreating.

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