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TCG Jump: Featured Game- Lugia/Snorlax! by TylyrPlays

This time around we are going to feature TylyrPlays try his hand at Lugia/Snorlax AKA Yeti. The name may not make too much sense but the deck does as it brings Plasma together to mount an assault on the opposing player.

The Yeti deck is a variant of the Plasma deck that uses the same basic strategy but with a different focus. This deck starts off with Thundurus EX softening up Pokemon and accelerating energy to the Pokemon on the bench using Raiden Knuckle. Deoxys EX is there to help boost the attack of all Plasma Pokemon. The difference is that these Pokemon are not supporting Plasma Kyurem. The cards that are leading the attack is Lugia EX and Plasma Snorlax. Both of these cards can hit hard but have a high Energy cost. The use of Thundurus EX and Double Colorless Energy really help speed things up and Deoxys can provide an even bigger boost. Pair that up with Lugia’s Overflow ability and the game can end with simply knocking out two EX Pokemon.

Click the button below to watch this deck in play as TylyrPlays shows how Yeti can get the job done even in the toughest spots.

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