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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Budget Gallade/Octillery Deck

Budge Gallade
Are you ready to make it big in the Pokemon TCG but on a budget? Then we got a match from the Tuff Puff that is perfect for you!

It can get expensive getting into the Pokemon TCG. That is why the Tuff Puff has started a series for those who want to have competitive decks that can make a huge bang without costing too much.

The Tuff Puff is playing a Gallade/Octillery deck that has some huge power. You can quickly set up Gallade by evolving Ralts with a Rare Candy. Simply use Bridgett to swarm your bench with Basic Pokemon like Ralts and Remoraid. Next you want to use Korrina to grab Gallade and Rare Candy to quickly evolve Ralts into Gallade. If you have Octillery up then you can do some fancy tricks with Gallade’s Premonition. You will need to use Gallade’s Premonition ability to look at your top five cards and place the cards in the order that you want to draw them. Once you have done that then you can use Octillery’s Abyssal Hand to draw the cards that you want. Perfect to draw a Supporter to use during your turn. That Supporter will be great because if you play it in the same turn that Gallade attacks with it’s Sensitive Blade then you will be hitting for 130 damage. Now that is some real bang! Especially for a low price!

Watch the match below to get a good idea on how Tuff Puffy played this deck. Lastly, good luck to those who are battling at US Nationals!

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