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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Impervious Mega Scizor EX!

M Scizor EX
We have hit a point where things are going to be breaking down thanks to several new cards coming into the format. Prepare to see some dreams crush thanks to the cold steel of this card and everything featured in this match. The match we are featuring this week will show you how you can slice and dice your opponent’s deck all thanks to your ability to outlive your opponent. So get ready to watch a video from ABlueGolfBall as he plays with the new M Scizor EX from BREAKpoint!

The deck that ABlueGolfBall uses features M Scizor EX by quickly setting up this Mega Pokemon. You want to Mega Evolve Scizor EX into M Scizor EX by your second turn while making sure you attach a Metal Energy on your first turn. This will ensure that you can hit your opponent’s active Pokemon with an Iron Crusher attack for 120 damage by your second turn. This is only step one in crushing your opponent’s dreams. The second part of this scheme is to power up another M Scizor EX on the bench as your active one is fighting. Then right before your opponent is able to knock out your active M Scizor EX, you will retreat it by paying the two energy retreat cost to your healthy M Scizor. The dream crushing starts here as you use a Max Potion to remove all the damage on your first M Scizor and then use Bronzong’s Metal Links ability to power up your newly healed M Scizor EX. You will continue this cycle until you outlive your opponent and take all your prizes.

If you want to see this insane strategy in action then watch ABlueGolfBall’s video where he uses M Scizor EX in a PTCGO tournament. In this video you will see him deny his opponent from knockouts with his Impervious M Scizor EX!

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