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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Lapras GX/Waterbox

Mad Bull Water Box
It is time to get wet and wild in this week’s match!

This week we will be featuring a match by Rahul from The Chaos Gym as they feature some games using a deck features some of the newest cards from Sun & Moon in an old deck.

Rahul is using a new variation of Water Box that is famous for having techs for almost any kind of deck. You may have remember that it once used an ugly toad as the main attacker. Now the deck has changed to use Lapras GX as a heavy hitter and Palkia EX to help pull energy out of the deck to fuel other attackers. This toolbox has things for almost every situation. Having trouble with EX Pokemon? Simply use Regice. Need something to take a hit? Tauros GX is a great wall that can hit hard. There are so many things in this deck and all you need is some Water energy to get things started.

Watch the video below to see how Rahul uses the deadly tools from the Water Box deck!

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