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TCG Jump: Featured Match – TDK (Thundurus/Deoxys/Kyurem)

KwandaoRen66 has recently uploaded a few Pokemon TCGO matches using the raising star deck, TDK. This deck features the use of Thundurus EX, Deoxys EX and Kyurem (PLF) to pull itself to victory.

You may remember Deoxys EX was featured a few weeks ago on Featured Card. Now you can see it in action in a video that contains four matches in less then fifteen minutes. This deck likes to open up with Kyurem to put the early game pressure on the opponent with a Water Energy and a Plasma Energy via Colress Machine to attack the active and a bench Pokemon. Thundurus EX can also apply early game pressure while accelerating energy to the bench using it single Lightning Energy attack. Lugia EX is thrown in here to do some heavy damage while Dexoys stays on the bench as support. The deck is amazingly quick and has proven it’s worth in several Battle Roads.

Click below to watch the video and keep a look out for this deck.

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