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TCG Prism Star Mechanic Revealed

Prism Star
Details on the Prism Star mechanic has been revealed!

The Japanese Twitter account has reveal the first Prism Star card that will be part of the next TCG set. The first of the Prism Star cards will be Solgaleo Prism Star.

Prism Star is a new type of card that will be in Japan’s UltraSun & UltraMoon set. These cards will be Basic Pokemon with high HP and powerful attacks. They have a rainbow diamond with a star in it next to the name of the Pokemon. A player can have only one Prism Star card with the same name in their deck. Lastly, once these cards are discarded then they will be placed in the Lost Zone.

Solgaleo Prism Star is the first Prism Star card to be revealed. It has a powerful single energy attack that can accelerate energy from the discard. They also has a powerful attack that can heavily damage or knockout a Pokemon. Prism Star cards can surely make a great one prize attacker that can be used in the early or late game. Perfect if you want to fit into a Solgaleo deck.

The Prism Star cards seem to be familiar to Star cards back in Ruby & Sapphire. Both types of cards had a limit on them. Prism Star cards also brings back the Lost Zone mechanic. This special discard pile has always been part of the game since late Diamond & Pearl era but has not been incorporated in the game. This zone is where Pokemon and cards go but can’t be retrieved by the player. By placing Prism Star cards in the Lost Zone helps balance them out. It will give each deck a “Big Basic” that is powerful but limited.

How many more Prism Star cards there will be? What kind of impact will they have on the game? Only time will tell. Japanese players will see the debut of Prism Star cards on December 8, 2017. English players will see these cards release on February 2, 2018 in Ultra Prism.

Source: Pokebeach

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